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EN When the words ”an exciting thriller” is used to describe a book about the mixing of religions and the church’s history and future, then you can be sure it’s one of a kind. Per-Arne Imsens first English edition of No Other Gods is here! More info below.


SV  När orden ”en riktigt spännande thriller” används för att recensera en bok om religionsblandning och kyrkohistoria, då förstår man att Inga andra gudar är unik i sitt slag. Per-Arne Imsens första engelska utgåva av hans debutbok, nu med titeln No Other Gods, går nu att beställa. No Other Gods är reviderad och uppdaterad från den svenska utgåvan, och har bland annat ett helt NYTT kapitel 8 som berör ämnen som ”det gemensamma goda”, ”Muhammeds Jesus”, ”universalism”, ”virusets epicenter” och en analys av påve Francis encyklika ”alla bröder” som gavs ut i oktober 2020.

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The English edition is finally here, and we look forward to share it with you. No Other Gods is a revolutionary journey through eras, kingdoms and cultures in which we follow the struggle for the God-given identity of the Church and how it has been upheld or distorted through history. Per-Arne Imsen experienced a calling to write a book that exposes that which tries to push Jesus to the sidelines. The title is taken from the first Commandment: ”You shall have no other Gods before me”.

The book is written in such a way that no prior knowledge of church history is required. This is how some of the readers have described the book:

”With prophetic insight, the author carefully follows events in the world. He exposes and criticizes syncretism in all its forms and asserts the unique position of Christianity and Jesus as the only way to God. Imsen’s book is comprehensive and calls for contemplation, but it’s an eye-opener and in part quite frightening. Without a profound revival, there is a serious risk of us ending up practising a faith that has been watered down to nothing. First and foremost, the book ought to be read by priests, pastors and church leaders.”
Bo Wettéus, BTh

“This is a book that needs to be read by every pastor and church leader. In a comprehensible way, Per-Arne explains the secularisation that is taking place in the Free churches, and above all, in the Catholic Church. The book contains a wealth of quotations and statements made by leaders, which gives it credibility. Give it to your pastor or leader! One of the best books I’ve read. A real eye-opener.”
KG Larsson, pastor and theologian

“A very factual, accurate, informative and well written book. Very interesting and revealing reading. It is certainly worthy of attention and of being referred to in the public debate.”
Börje Norlén, freelance journalist

“It’s very readable despite its extensive content. The thing that causes me most joy, is how at the same time as it exposes the darkness and its lies, it also sheds light on the genuine essence of the Church and what true revival Christianity is all about.”
Kristofer Aspén, film maker

“I was caught up when I discovered how good it is. It was like reading a very exciting thriller. It’s well written, it states historical facts and has many source references. The author has done a work of great quality, having read and studied extensively, so that he has solid ground to stand on. I can understand that the research for this has taken some years. Throughout the book, Per-Arne Imsen points to Jesus. This is so comforting and so liberating.”
Christer Åberg, Apg29, Sweden’s biggest Christian blog

“My opinion is that Imsen’s thesis on revivalist Christianity versus the institutional Church down through history, and from a present and future perspective, contains so much collected substance of testimonies from Church history, undergirded by reference notes, that it ought to
be taken very seriously and given thorough consideration. The theme in No Other Gods is serious. Is it therefore a gloomy book? Not at all! Per-Arne Imsen has written a rich book. It is authoritative, but in no way a desk product. Clearly, it has sprung out of his reservoir of personal experience, his wrestling with and in-depth studies of the theme he presents. The purpose, and the urgent challenge, is to worship God only. It is a warning against sliding across into idol worship and it is worthy of serious contemplation.”
Bo Krister Ljungberg, DTh

“Interesting and relevant – extraordinary! Anyone interested in examining current world trends within the religious sphere – comparing for example the ecumenism of our day, and the conditions for it, with what the NT says about Jesus – certainly has the opportunity to do so here. We are somewhat unaccustomed to raising questions about those things that characterize the spirit of the time. Since we ourselves are kind of wrapped up in it, we don’t see it. It is a very long time since I read a book that puts its finger on so much that is worthy of our attention. I’m grateful to the author for taking the time and trouble to write this book. Recommended reading for all those with a keen interest in philosophy/religion, historically and today.”
Britt-Inger Lillbäck, Lecturer

“A unique book of its kind. No other author has so thoroughly and so penetratingly tackled the task of confronting and disproving the “Christian” spirituality – that is both old and modern… The author has, with God’s help, done the Church a great service by writing and publishing this hyper-contemporary book… A need for prophets is often expressed in Christian circles. Well, at least in this book Per-Arne Imsen appears to be one of them.”
Sigvard Svärd, author and Pentecostal pastor

“No Other Gods is an extremely well written book that takes us back to the origins of the Church and describes its development all the way from the first Church to the Church of our day, looking also into the future. Using a wealth of references to further literature, research and the Bible, Imsen defines what is biblical and what is human thought. He also gives an analysis of what has gone wrong and the dangers that we face today. Some church trends, both positive and negative, are being explained with the help of the Word of God. A very informative, sometimes frighteningly explicit, but also tremendously rewarding book that can give you necessary direction in today’s society, set against the glorious hope we have in Christ Himself.”
Helena Vestman, German missionary


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