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Anthem of Good News | Sara Vingren

Sara Vingren sings her song Anthem of Good News. Sara Vingren’s music is available on platforms such as Spotify and Itunes.


You spoke the world into life and it was good ’cause You are good
You made the dust come alive Creations’ pride A beautiful bride
You’re present all thru’ ancient times Displayed in wonders and in signs
the year of favor now has come You’re speaking goodness to mankind

You say our world is in Your hand You are the Messiah
We believe in that You can save us, heal us, comfort us
Our hope is You You bring good news

Verse 2:
You spoke of love for the world a Father’s heart a Father’s house
Into our darkness we heard let there be light let there be life
We’ve lost our purpose, lost our home But now it echoes from the throne
A cross, a grave and One for all Hear the risen Savior call

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