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Mystery of mysteries | Christina Imsen

Christina Imsen sjunger en unplugged version av Mystery of mysteries.


Mystery of mysteries is the love of God
The love that led Jesus to the cross
And mystery of mysteries is the life we now live
Given up our hopeless visions our own dreams lost

There Is no life apart from death No winning apart from war
But you must come to Him defeated as you are
For he gives faith to those who are faithless and strength to those who fall
He is a father full of mercy to us all

Mystery of mysteries is your new found love
Given to you by the father in the son
And wonderful that glorious hope when we see His holy face
In the light of all we´ve suffered to make us one

For in Jesus there is peace The certainty of all that´s true
There is no doubt when He has given us His seal
We rest within the sweet relief that all is well when we abide on
Sions mountain in the  goodness of His will
If we endure until the end All mysteries will then unfold
And we will know in full as even we are known


Sång: Christina Imsen
Författare: Valery
Titel: Mystery of mysteries
Album: Hittills 3

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